Promotional Items

Top 10 Reasons to Use Promotional Items

Everyone likes to get gifts and businesses like to give away things with their name on them. That is why promotional items are such a great marketing tool. 

But not just any item will do. The types of items you choose should relate to your business so people make an immediate connection and keep your company top of mind. 


Don’t just take our word for it. Check out the list below.

Top 10 Reasons to use Promotional Items 

 #1. 80% of consumers own between 1 and 10 promotional products. 

Do they own one of yours?  

#2. 53% of these people use a promotional product at least once a week. 

Which ones are the handiest?

#3. 60% of them keep promotional products for up to two years. 

Are they keeping yours or ditching them? 

#4. Only 20% of people will throw away an unwanted promotional product. 

But not yours, because you give out amazing ones! 

#5.  31% of U.S. consumers own a promotional bag. Bags and writing instruments are the lowest cost per item of any promotional product in the U.S.

Get your bags here. 

Get your pens here.

#6. Build a strong social brand identity

It’s not just customers who appreciate branded products. Help build employee motivation and teamwork by offering promotional products as incentives and giveaways. Your staff will hand out freebies to their friends and family, extending the marketing reach of the product with the added value of a personal referral.

#7. 53% of the time, promotional products create a more favorable impression of the advertiser.

What impression are you giving customers? 

#8. 48% of consumers want to receive promotional products more often. 

How often are they receiving yours? 

#9. 69% of consumers would pick up a promotional product if they deemed it useful.

Are you giving away useful items or just junk?

#10. Adding a promotional product to the media mix increases the effectiveness of other media by up to 44%.

What are you waiting for? 

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Need trade show ideas? Check out TRADE SHOW MATERIALS THAT WOW!


Trade Show Materials that WOW!

Trade show season is slowing coming back to life after the pandemic. Get ready to blow their socks off with new and exciting promo items and booth displays that no one else has seen. 

Great Ways to Up Your Trade Show Game

#1. Create a Round Trade Show Booth

Most trade show spaces are square or rectangular. You can transform your space into a round look that will stand out. District Publishing can help you design your banners and signs printed to fit your new unique booth.

Call us today for excellent personalized service. Visit our website or for personalized service call 586-884-2375. 

trade show materials

#2. Steps Up Into Your Booth

If round isn’t your style, create some steps and a sense of entering something special and unique. As they choose to climb a few stairs they are making a commitment to finding out more about your company and products and services. 

trade show materials
#3. Give Visitors A Reason to Stay

Create a cozy and inviting atmosphere in your trade show booth by giving visitors a reason to stay. Two ways you can do this is with either sitting areas or a bar. This gives people a chance to sit and rest while captivated by your sales presentation, offerings, or just a refreshing drink or snack. Be an oasis in a busy and chaotic day hustling from booth to booth. 

trade show materials
#4. Promo Items People will ACTUALLY Use

In addition to creating a memorable booth, provide promotional items and giveaways that people will actually use. Everyone gives away simple pens and hand sanitizer (and you can too). However, wow them with some really cool items. 

Don’t forget to choose promotional items that match your industry and will leave a lasting impression. If you need help with ideas, District Publishing can help. Visit our STORE or call 586-884-2375 and experience excellent customer service for your brand.

District Publishing recommends the following items:

Touchless Metal Key Chain: This unique tool allows you to touch things like keypads and gas pump kiosks without using your bare fingers. It’s always great when an item has more than one purpose. 

trade show materials






Pen with Stylus: How can you say no to something that has more than one purpose? You can use a stylus to touch all kinds of things you don’t want to touch. 







Face Masks: Everyone needs an extra mask or two. 

trade show materials









Phone Accessories: Everyone has a phone – give ’em something useful that goes with it. 

trade show materials









Mints & Gum: Now that we have to wear masks all the time, mints are gum are greatly appreciated.  

trade show materials






Drawstring Bags: They can hold a lot more than a fanny pack and are much more stylish. 

trade show materials








Sunglasses: Everyone can always use a spare pair of sunglasses for the car, the boat, or the golf bag. 

trade show materials








Umbrellas: Everyone can also use a spare umbrella. 

trade show materials








Desk Toys: How about something cool to keep on your desk to fidget with or as a conversation starter?

trade show materials







Socks: Fun socks are great! Everyone needs them and it’s a unique item. A great win-win for your team or next event.

trade show materials








Power Banks: Everyone needs more power once in a while. 

trade show materials








Ready to choose the perfect promotional items for your business? Visit our STORE or call 586-884-2375 and experience excellent customer service for your brand.

Promotional Items for Your Industry

Choosing Promotional Items for Your Industry

Do you think about choosing promotional items for your industry specifically, or do you just pick something cool or inexpensive? 

When it comes to promotional items, everyone uses pens. We could all use another coffee mug or mask with a company logo. These items are always popular. However, in order for you to get the maximum benefit from your promotional items – getting your name and logo in front of people to remember – there are creative ways to choose the right items for your particular industry.

For example, if you are a towing company, an ice scraper with your name on it is perfect. While your ideal customer is out scraping the ice off their car every morning they are looking at your name they are holding in their hand.

Need ideas? Visit our store or for personalized customer service call 586-884-2375.

How to Choose the Right Promotional Items for Your Industry

The most important thing to consider is how your customers are going to be using the items. Giving them something that will just be tossed in a drawer or discarded after an event doesn’t provide much value. Picture yourself holding the item and using it at a time where your offering would be relevant.

  • Where are you?
  • What are you doing?
  • What prompted you to pick the item up?
  • How does it relate specifically to what your company does?

People typically remember things better when they can associate between two or more related events. For example, a travel mug will be used in a vehicle, so if your company is in the automotive industry a travel mug would be much better than a regular coffee mug. If your industry relates to food, cooking, or kitchens, refrigerator magnets would be great! A magnet with measurements on it that includes your name and logo could be super handy while providing long-term visibility.

Specific Industry Ideas

If you don’t see your industry below or would like some more ideas, please contact Brad at 586-884-2375. He is an expert at matching the right items to the right business and our team will provide the personalized attention your marketing deserves.

Automotive Products

This category includes designers, manufacturers, dealerships, auto enthusiasts and car clubs, mechanics, towing, car washes, and even auto insurance companies.  Here are some ideas:

  • car-shaped stress balls
  • key chainsPromotional Items for Your Industry - ice scrapers
  • travel mugs and tumblers
  • insurance card sleeves
  • shammies
  • windshield shades
  • ice scrapers
  • snow brushes
  • flashlights
  • tire gauges
  • car emergency sets and roadside lights

Food and Beverage

This category encompasses many types of businesses including restaurants and bars, nutrition, education, hotels and hospitality, county clubs, and pretty much anywhere people eat and drink.

Here are some ideas:

  • drinkware (pint glasses, mugs, tumblers, and more)Promotional Items for Your Industry
  • coasters
  • bag clips
  • measuring spoons
  • magnets
  • grocery and wine totes
  • koozies
  • wine and bottle openers
  • cutting boards
  • reusable straws
  • mints and gum
  • pizza cutter
  • vegetable brush

Construction and Trades

Construction and Trades industry products can promote your company to homeowners. However, they can also create a connection between industry contractors, workers, civil engineers, employers, designers, investors, architects, safety managers, lawyers, accountants, and all other professions related to the trades. You can even promote environmental construction programs with eco-safe products and encourage safety in the workplace with safety items.

Here are some ideas:

  • tools (screwdrivers, measuring tapes, calculators, utility knife, flashlight, etc)Promotional Items for Your Industry
  • gloves
  • safety glasses
  • carabiner clips
  • thermos
  • clipboard
  • Stress balls in a variety of industry-related shapes
  • leatherman
  • utility case
  • aprons and safety vests
  • hard hats


You have many options in this category and some that are very specific to your niche. For example, toothbrushes and floss for dentists. We also have “thank you” items to recognize your staff.

Here are some ideas:Promotional Items for Your Industry

  • fitness bottles
  • pillboxes and pill spitting tools and cutters
  • first aid kits
  • pedometers
  • hand lotion and hand sanitizer
  • face masks
  • kitchen scale
  • cold packs
  • sanitizer wipes
  • lip balm
  • exercise bands
  • massagers
  • thermometers
  • eyeglass repair kits
  • ice and gel packs

And much, much more.

Pet Industry

The pet industry encompasses many aspects of pet care including veterinarians, animal clinics, pet services, groomers, trainers, boarding,  and more.

Here are some ideas:Promotional Items for Your Industry

  • stuffed animals
  • paw clips
  • leashes
  • bowls
  • travel bowls
  • collars
  • collar reflectors
  • pet food cover
  • calendars with vet reminders and tips
  • waste bags and dispensers
  • bandanas
  • tennis balls and toys

Ready to choose the perfect promotional items for your business? Visit our STORE or call 586-884-2375 and experience excellent customer service for your brand.

logo file types

What Logo File Types Do I Need for Promotional Items?

File types can be confusing if you don’t regularly work with them and are ordering promotional items for the first time. Or, maybe you have ordered some items from a website where you simply uploaded your logo and never talked to a person. A few weeks later you get your shirts and your logo is fuzzy and the wrong color. Sound familiar?

Don’t worry. We are going to explain the file types for logos (and other graphics) so your next set of shirts, hats, pens, or other items look amazing. Even better, our in-house promotional expert will work with you directly to ensure we have the right file types. We also provide proofs before anything goes to print.

Logo Files

Every business should have a VECTOR file for their logo, which will provide a crisp and clean image for print. In general, a vector file is a small image that is scalable and editable and provides infinite freedom for graphic design and illustration. This includes resizing and scaling without losing any image quality. This is extremely important when you want to print your logo on lots of different sized promotional items or even a billboard or the side of a jumbo jet. A vector logo also allows for detailed color separation (i.e. for screen printing) which requires a separate screen for each color.

Vector artwork includes the following file formats:

  • .ai (Adobe Illustrator)
  • .eps (Adobe Illustrator)
  • a vector .pdf
  • an .svg

Other common file types include jpg, .gif, and .tif. These types will pixelate and blur as the size is increased and simply don’t look as good as vector images do.

Pro Tip: Please do not simply take a logo from a website by either a screengrab or right-clicking and choosing to “save image as.” Online logo images have been processed and optimized for a fast download and are typically saved at a much lower dpi than needed for print. DPI means “dots per inch.”  For the best full-color print you need a minimum of 300 dpi.

Click here for a list of the file types you should get in a logo package.

A Note About Converting File Types

Unfortunately, you can’t simply open a low-resolution file (jpg, .gif, or .tif) and “save as” a vector format. If you could,  there would be far fewer terribly printed promo items out there. A low-resolution file is doomed to live a low-res life unless it is printed smaller than the original file size or redrawn.

If you send us a low-res file type we will send it back and ask for a vector file.

What do to if you don’t have a vector file:

  • Contact your logo designer and ask for the vector version of your logo
  • Have your art and/or marketing department provide you with a vector logo
  • Ask our team of in-house graphic designers to convert your logo from low-res to a vector format (we may charge a small fee for this service depending on the complexity of your logo.)

Ready to choose the perfect promotional items for your business? Visit our STORE or call 586-884-2375 and experience excellent customer service for your brand.