What Logo File Types Do I Need for Promotional Items?

File types can be confusing if you don’t regularly work with them and are ordering promotional items for the first time. Or, maybe you have ordered some items from a website where you simply uploaded your logo and never talked to a person. A few weeks later you get your shirts and your logo is fuzzy and the wrong color. Sound familiar?

Don’t worry. We are going to explain the file types for logos (and other graphics) so your next set of shirts, hats, pens, or other items look amazing. Even better, our in-house promotional expert will work with you directly to ensure we have the right file types. We also provide proofs before anything goes to print.

Logo Files

Every business should have a VECTOR file for their logo, which will provide a crisp and clean image for print. In general, a vector file is a small image that is scalable and editable and provides infinite freedom for graphic design and illustration. This includes resizing and scaling without losing any image quality. This is extremely important when you want to print your logo on lots of different sized promotional items or even a billboard or the side of a jumbo jet. A vector logo also allows for detailed color separation (i.e. for screen printing) which requires a separate screen for each color.

Vector artwork includes the following file formats:

  • .ai (Adobe Illustrator)
  • .eps (Adobe Illustrator)
  • a vector .pdf
  • an .svg

Other common file types include jpg, .gif, and .tif. These types will pixelate and blur as the size is increased and simply don’t look as good as vector images do.

Pro Tip: Please do not simply take a logo from a website by either a screengrab or right-clicking and choosing to “save image as.” Online logo images have been processed and optimized for a fast download and are typically saved at a much lower dpi than needed for print. DPI means “dots per inch.”  For the best full-color print you need a minimum of 300 dpi.

Click here for a list of the file types you should get in a logo package.

A Note About Converting File Types

Unfortunately, you can’t simply open a low-resolution file (jpg, .gif, or .tif) and “save as” a vector format. If you could,  there would be far fewer terribly printed promo items out there. A low-resolution file is doomed to live a low-res life unless it is printed smaller than the original file size or redrawn.

If you send us a low-res file type we will send it back and ask for a vector file.

What do to if you don’t have a vector file:

  • Contact your logo designer and ask for the vector version of your logo
  • Have your art and/or marketing department provide you with a vector logo
  • Ask our team of in-house graphic designers to convert your logo from low-res to a vector format (we may charge a small fee for this service depending on the complexity of your logo.)

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