Digital Flipbook

How to Market Your Business with a Digital Flipbook

A digital flipbook is easy to send to customers and you can quickly update it in real-time.

Your corporate brochure is a cornerstone of your marketing and sales strategy. It is used to market and advertise your company but it should also help establish the identity of your business.

Today’s fast-evolving technology is forcing businesses that have been using traditional printed brochures to switch to web-hosted flipbooks (E-brochure).  A web-hosted flipbook offers a wider range of flexibility and distribution to keep up with the modern online customer.

This is the best time for businesses to add digital resources to their arsenal of sales and marketing tools.

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District Publishing designs professional sales collateral and digital brochures. We have expert in-house graphic designers and content specialists. Our team will work with you to design an attractive brochure that will complement and promote your business.

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Advantages of a Web Hosted Digital Flipbook

Going digital provides some obvious advantages like zero printing costs and easy distribution. However, here are some more conveniences you may not have thought about.

Make Real-Time Updates – You can update it whenever you need to as you add more products and services, run a sale, or have breaking news.

Affordable Distribution – You can send a link to your brochure through email, include it in a newsletter, upload it to your website, and post it out to social media for free.

Easy to Navigate – Our user interface is very simple and easy to use with a table of contents, share capabilities, and clickable navigation to online ordering systems or other resources. 

Readable on different devices – e-brochures can be accessed and viewed on a variety of screens including smartphones, tablets, laptops, desktops, etc.

Grabs Your Attention – An online brochure grabs the attention of your target audience and is engaging. The viewer has the ability to change the viewing angles or zoom ratios according to their needs or comfort level.

Embedded Calls-to-Action (CTAs) – You can incorporate a variety of CTA buttons and links wherever you want. You can also include a form for Viewers and customers to submit any questions they may have regarding your products and services.

Analytics – You can keep track of which CTAs and links viewers are using the most and how much traffic the digital brochure is driving to your website or other landing pages. This will help you understand how well your digital brochures are performing so you can make customizations if needed.

More great advantages to bringing your brochure online:

  • Interactive and increases your company’s digital footprint
  • Applications for social media, USB flash drives, tablet and mobile-friendly
  • Environmentally friendly (no printing)
  • Streaming capabilities
  • Web hosting included
  • Email blasts
  • Trade show introduction
  • PowerPoint presentations
  • Increase clicks, likes, and optimization

In today’s world where everything is moving online, a digital brochure will keep your business current and accessible to your target audience.

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