• All of our dealerships are using our new brochures to promote new business and reintroduce ourselves to existing customers. We are also using it at trade shows and fairs.

    Store Manager
    Wynne, AR
  • Coordinating a brochure with over 20 different companies’ busy schedules can be a difficult task. The due diligence of District Publishing brought everything together and created some marketing materials that we are proud to showcase. We have already implemented these into our business plan and have seen great results!

    Marketing Supervisor
    Salinas, CA
  • Frankly, I was a little skeptical that we would be able to make a beautiful selling tool at relatively no cost to the company, but you guys have made quite a unique model at District Publishing, and I do look forward to working with you guys on another brochure in the near future.

    Operations Manager
    Greenville, MS
  • I wanted to let you know how very happy we are with our second brochure project. We received added support from our vendors the second time around and doubled the size of the new brochure over what we had for the first one. We are very excited to use the hard copies for trade shows, and the new digital flip-book will benefit us on social media.

    Operations Manager
    Eden, NY