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Our Process

How the Supplier Supported Brochure program works

  • Brochures are 100% no cost to your company and are completely customized to every client. Brochures are funded by advertising purchased by your vendors and suppliers.
  • Size of the brochure is determined by the support generated from your team of vendors/suppliers.
  • District Publishing will handle all of the sales with your vendors as well as the writing, design, and printing.
  • You can retain as much creative control fo the design of the final brochure as you choose. You will approve all proofs before your project is sent to print.

Supplier Supported Brochure Publishing

The Vendor Sales Process

Step 1:  An Account Executive will be assigned to your project. They will contact you to complete a company biography questionnaire that will be used to guide the editorial content of the brochure.

Step 2:  Your suppliers/vendors will receive an introductory letter, on your letterhead, to announce the project and to introduce District Publishing.

Step 3:  Your Account Executive will contact your suppliers/vendors explaining the project as well as send examples and the applicable display information for their review. You will be sent regular progress reports.

The Production Process

Step 1:  Your project will be assigned to an editorial writer who will draft the text portion of your brochure. Simultaneously, the photography will need to be sent to District Publishing.

Step 2:  Upon your approval of the text and our receipt of the photography, you will receive an initial full color proof from a Graphic Designer. Your Graphic Designer will provide revisions until you approve the brochure for print.

Step 3:  Your new, supplier-supported brochure and a digital version will be delivered to your office.

Call us at 1.877.435.2620