What Should Be in a Good Company Brochure?

Printed marketing materials, like company brochures, help to disseminate information about your brand. However, choosing information for a company brochure can be challenging, especially if you want it to be comprehensive.

A good brochure should be easy to read, well-designed and include enough information to pique the interest of a potential customer.

Contact Info

Company brochures should tell consumers how to access your company’s services or products. Even the most well-designed brochure is much less effective if customers don’t know where or how to find the business in question. At a minimum, include the company name, phone number and website.

If there is space, also list the company’s social media handles, email and physical address. The easier it is for potential customers to find your business, the more likely it is that they will check out what you have to offer.

Product or Service Information

The purpose of a company brochure is to market the product or service at the center of the brand. Consumers shouldn’t have to guess what a company brochure is peddling, it should be obvious.

If your company offers multiple products or services, emphasize them by category. If you have the resources, create different brochures for each one, targeting specific customer demographics.

Either way, be as specific as space allows to pique the consumer’s interest.

What Makes Your Company Stand Out

After making room for contact and product info, include descriptors on what makes your company the best at what you do. Company brochures are most effective when they compel the customer to action by enticing them.

Marketing or sales language is useful here, but since you have limited space, focus on the characteristics that make your enterprise different from the competition. Maybe it is pricing or product variety; perhaps your company delivers a service that no other company in the area offers.

Whatever it is that makes your company special, emphasize it in the brochure in a very obvious manner.

Call to Action

Use a company brochure to tell customers what you want them to do. For instance, if the brochure is meant to compel consumers to order a product via phone, include verbiage like “Call now to order this product.”

If the intent of the brochure is to get people to come to a physical location, try verbiage like “Stop by to take advantage of major discounts.” Effective brochures are those that don’t leave the customer guessing.

Whatever the call to action, try to choose something that is applicable at any time. This way, if a customer finds the brochure months down the road, the marketing message is still applicable.

Creating a good company brochure is about including the right information.

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