Most frequent questions and answers

The way we’re able to produce your brochure at no cost is by selling advertising space to the vendors and manufacturers you distribute for on a regular basis, and that finances the entire project.

Yes absolutely…your team can have as much creative control as they would like. Our writers, graphic designers and photographers will work closely with your team to ensure the brochure has the exact look and feel you’re looking for. If you don’t have a marketing department/staff or the time, that’s fine too; our professional design team can use our years of experience to craft your message even if you’re not that creative.

You can supply your own images or ask your DP Account Manager how you may qualify for a free photoshoot for your project.

No… Co-op is considered on a case by case basis only and needs to be approved by the client. We have 3 other funding options to make your project a success.  We can utilize the manufacturers’ own advertising/marketing budgets,  discretionary funds and/or merchandise credits.

From beginning to end, the entire process can take 4-6 months depending on the return of proofs.

The client receives a minimum of 1,000 copies and a digital flip-book of the brochure. More copies are available upon request. We deliver all of the brochures directly to the client for their distribution.

Most of our clients typically use manufacturer’s materials on a daily basis. Your brochure would be designed to give your company a competitive advantage and provide valuable insight into your corporate history, credibility, brands and overall capabilities. We can also provide a back pocket in the brochure that allows you to insert those manufacturers’ materials, price sheets, line cards or monthly flyers into the brochure, giving you the ability to customize each brochure for every sales call.

Because there is a return on investment, and it’s a cost effective way for them to have their brands directly in front of the end decision maker on a regular basis. They see this advertising as a very effective point of sale tool. It’s also a tax deductible expense for them, and they have funds set aside for projects like this.

No… District Publishing has in-house Account Executives that will be exclusively assigned to your account. They take a no-pressure sales approach with your team of suppliers and manufacturers by taking the time to explain the goals of the project, the anticipated utilization of the brochures and the potential return on investment that a project like this can create.

No, we invite your vendors to feature their brands in the project.  There is no pressure placed on suppliers/manufacturers to participate. Our experienced Account Executives will explain the program in detail with every supplier, the expected life span of the project, the goals and the direct benefit to the participants.

DP has been doing partnership marketing programs and building relationships with suppliers and manufacturers in a broad spectrum of industries for over 15 years. Our goal is always 100% client satisfaction, not only with our primary clients but also with every participating advertiser. We take pride in the fact that we have worked diligently to build a reputation for exceeding clients’ expectations, and we have hundreds of testimonials to prove it.

Print has been around for over 600 years, and its ability to demonstrate emotion, credibility and stability is time tested. Depending on the implementation of the brochure and the demographic of your prospects, print is still an extremely vital piece of the puzzle when it comes to any effective sales presentation. If personal service is a part of who your company is, how can 600 years of professionalism be left behind?

As stated in our publishing agreement, “The Client and DP agree that in the event DP is unable to generate funding to produce a brochure, both parties release the other of any further obligations under this agreement. DP is solely responsible for costs incurred.”