What Should Be in a Good Company Brochure?

Printed marketing materials, like company brochures, help to disseminate information about your brand. However, choosing information for a company brochure can be challenging, especially if you want it to be comprehensive.

A good brochure should be easy to read, well-designed and include enough information to pique the interest of a potential customer.

Contact Info

Company brochures should tell consumers how to access your company’s services or products. Even the most well-designed brochure is much less effective if customers don’t know where or how to find the business in question. At a minimum, include the company name, phone number and website.

If there is space, also list the company’s social media handles, email and physical address. The easier it is for potential customers to find your business, the more likely it is that they will check out what you have to offer.

Product or Service Information

The purpose of a company brochure is to market the product or service at the center of the brand. Consumers shouldn’t have to guess what a company brochure is peddling, it should be obvious.

If your company offers multiple products or services, emphasize them by category. If you have the resources, create different brochures for each one, targeting specific customer demographics.

Either way, be as specific as space allows to pique the consumer’s interest.

What Makes Your Company Stand Out

After making room for contact and product info, include descriptors on what makes your company the best at what you do. Company brochures are most effective when they compel the customer to action by enticing them.

Marketing or sales language is useful here, but since you have limited space, focus on the characteristics that make your enterprise different from the competition. Maybe it is pricing or product variety; perhaps your company delivers a service that no other company in the area offers.

Whatever it is that makes your company special, emphasize it in the brochure in a very obvious manner.

Call to Action

Use a company brochure to tell customers what you want them to do. For instance, if the brochure is meant to compel consumers to order a product via phone, include verbiage like “Call now to order this product.”

If the intent of the brochure is to get people to come to a physical location, try verbiage like “Stop by to take advantage of major discounts.” Effective brochures are those that don’t leave the customer guessing.

Whatever the call to action, try to choose something that is applicable at any time. This way, if a customer finds the brochure months down the road, the marketing message is still applicable.

Creating a good company brochure is about including the right information.

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12 Ways to Drive Traffic to Your Trade Show Booth

There are a few common mistakes when it comes to generating trade show booth traffic. Some marketers lack an effective pre-trade show marketing strategy. Some pick the wrong booth location or don’t invest in the right trade show promotional products.

Are you worried about how to drive traffic to your trade show booth? You’re not alone. Many exhibitors struggle to effectively attract and engage trade show traffic.

In this guide, you’ll discover how to drive traffic to your trade show booth. Find everything you need to know about attracting customers.

1. Conduct Pre Show Promotions

Figuring out how to drive traffic to your trade show booth should start way before the show. 70% of targeted show visitors already have which booths they’ll visit in mind. So you must ensure most of your targeted customers are aware of your participation.

A good pre-show promotion attracts qualified leads and ensures your booth brings expected ROIs. Advertising before the show is more targeted─ unlike the event’s day promotions. You reach people who are definite about what they want from your business.

Trade show experts recommend a two-pronged approach to boost trade show traffic. The first step is to reach out to your existing clients through email blasts, mailers or flyers. Send a postcard or a message to your regular customers, contacts, and stakeholders.

The next step is to ask for access to the registered attendees’ list. Most organizers won’t mind sharing this list with their customers. Conduct ethical outreach to the attendees you feel are likely to like your products or your business.

2. Create a Fear of Missing Out (FOMO) Effect

One of the creative ways to drive traffic to your trade show booth is to generate anticipation. Make people eager to attend the show. Get them to feel like they’ll miss out on a lot if they don’t.

Look for niche influencers in your industry to help hype the upcoming show. Influencers hold persuasive authority over their followers. Having them discuss your participation can help boost interest and make people extra curious.

Talk about a special offer or a product launch to give people the incentive to attend your show. Your audience wants to feel there’s a valid reason to show up. The mention of product discounts at your booth, price promotions, or giveaways can help increase your traffic.

3. Request to Speak on a Panel

Speaking on a show panel can be an effective way of how to drive traffic to your trade show booth. Most trade show hosts usually announce expected speakers months before. Enlisting to speak reinforces your company image and sparks interest in new customers.

Tell your audience early on through brochures, social media, and newsletters. Let existing and targeted clients know what topics you’ll speak on. More people are likely to attend and visit your booth if they see the trade show as a learning opportunity.

Speaking is a chance for product demonstrations and inviting people to your booth. You have your audiences’ undivided attention when speaking. You can share how your product is beneficial and ask people to visit your booth.

4. Pick a Distinctive Spot for Your Booth

Booth spots can be a launchpad for trade show success or cause for failure. Choose a noticeable spot for your booth. Place it where a lot of people are likely to sit near or pass.

Near the entrances or exits can be great places to station your booth. You can also station it near the food court or on the bathroom pathways. This way, people can easily find or access your booth.

5. Create an Attractive Booth

Trade shows usually bring competitors in front of you. So you must figure out a way of ensuring your audience doesn’t visit a competitor’s booth. A great way to make this possible is to design a unique and attractive booth.

Most people may not notice a standard big banner or stand. Everyone can create one and they have become commonplace in trade shows. Go the extra mile to make your booth feel inviting if you want people to visit it.

Have a theme for every trade show and decorate your booth to make it attractive. Set up a sofa or add some plants to enliven it and grab people’s attention. A great booth design stands out from the rest and can attract the targeted foot traffic

You want to make your audience comfortable and interested in your business. You can have a separate or private room where you can host overflowing audiences. Let people know you have extra sitting places where you’re hosting product demonstrations.

6. Use Eye-Catching Big Banners

Even a well-designed booth still needs some advertising for people to pay attention to. With many companies attending, it can be difficult to grab people’s attention. An eye-catching custom banner creates an impactful impression and is a great way to stand out.

Colored giant banners are usually one of the first things people see in trade shows. Make sure you choose colors that represent your brand, industry, and messaging. If people already know your brand it won’t take long before they identify your booth.

A perfect banner also uses a simple message, unique image and has ample white space. People don’t have to struggle reading your message. They should be able to read everything from some meters away.

7. Incorporate Game Play

Events can be long and tiring. You’re not able to engage or interact with everyone who visits your booth. Games can pull the crowd to your booth especially when people start getting bored.

Games are perfect entertainment to induce interactions and build relationships with attendees. They can make people feel comfortable around your employees which helps build connections. Consider your audiences’ preferences and likes when choosing trade show games.

8. Include a Lounge Area

Trade show setups encourage walking as one of the ways to drive traffic to various booths. A lot of companies usually interact with customers while they’re standing. If you want the upper hand over the competition, consider integrating a lounge area in your booth.

Let people relax after or welcome them into your lounge before any engagement. Have brochures and catalogs in this area to allow them to learn about your products. Many people will pay more attention to your product demonstrations when they’re comfortable.

Integrating a charging station and outlets can also help pull more traffic to your booth.

9. Have Live Product Demonstrations

Live product demonstrations are another way of attracting traffic to your trade booth. A small group of people can turn into a larger crowd due to curiosity. People tend to flock to areas that seem interesting during trade shows.

10. Run Contests

Contests can provide the atmosphere you need to attract people to your booth. The excitement of a contest can be the traffic magnet you need in your booth.

Here are a few contest ideas for your booth:

  • Fill containers with beads, coins, or mints and ask your audience to guess the number of items in a container
  • Sporting or athletic contests
  • Industry-related trivia to give attendees a chance to share their knowledge
  • Prize wheels
  • Raffle or random giveaway

Introduce contest prizes to get more people interested in your booth. Examples of content prizes that any audience will love include:

  • High-end products with branded packaging
  • Gift cards or credit cards
  • Free samples
  • Gift bags filled with branded apparel and promotional items
  • Free trial of your products or services

Offering these types of activities and incentives helps your booth become more approachable.

11. Reward Quality Leads

Free giveaways can be an incredible way to get people to visit your booth. People love free items and they typically won’t want to miss out on a chance to grab one.

You could hand out promotional items like golf balls, coolers, drinkware, t-shirts, polos or sports gear. Brand every item to increase brand awareness. This could be simply adding your logo and putting the items in your brand colors.

If you want a better branding impact, categorize gifts into cheap and premium items. Give the free items to everyone and restrict premium ones to quality leads. Quality leads are more interested in helping promote the brand.

12. Share on Social Media

Americans spend up to 5.4 hours a day on their phone. Even in an event as busy as a trade show, tons of people are absorbed in their phones. Staying active on social media allows you to reach out to your ardent social followers.

Use social media to generate excitement and drive traffic to your booth. Use trending trade show hashtags and stories to reach out to your online audience. Offer free samples, discounts and branded merchandise to anyone who shares your posts.

Also, keep an eye on what attendees are posting on social media. Use the opportunity to engage them and direct them to your booth. If there are any complaints about a competitor, respond quickly to boost your appeal.

Learn How to Drive Traffic to Your Trade Show Booth

Figuring out how to drive traffic to your trade show booth doesn’t have to be a big challenge. Invest in creating an impactful pre-trade show advertising strategy. Have a standout banner and an eye-catching booth to pull traffic your way.

Above all, make sure your booth is attractive and functional. Also consider hiring professional help to make your presentation a hit. Contact us today if you want your branded apparel to leave a memorable impact on your visitors.