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Meet the District Publishing Team


Derrick has served as president of District Publishing since 2005. He is a leader that leads by example and with the rest of the DP team has created a “Customer First” culture. Derrick’s eager to lend his vision and experiences to help facilitate a better customer experience within every level at District Publishing. He takes great pride in watching team members thrive as a result of the family atmosphere he has worked to cultivate. His favorite pastime is enjoying the lakes in Michigan with his family.

derrick kennedy


Dave works with our dedicated Front End sales team which focuses on new business development. This includes the hiring, training, and development of Sales Coordinators and Senior Account Managers. Together they improve the Client On-Boarding process for a better client experience. He has 20 years of experience with partnership marketing and is passionate about his team’s ability to listen to our client’s needs so we can create a custom marketing strategy for them. He was a pro hockey player for 11 years after attending Colgate University and enjoys spending time with his wife, children, and grandchildren in the great outdoors in northern Michigan.

david gagnon

Vice President

accounting / human resources

Jenny has been with District Publishing since 2018. She leads our Accounting and H/R functions for the company and is instrumental in making sure all processes, billing, and client project information is accurate at all times. Her attention to detail and willingness to take on a variety of different tasks makes her uniquely qualified to handle this area of our business. She likes spending time with her husband, ten-year-old son, and an eleven-year-old Labrador Retriever. She also enjoys music, cooking, and genealogy.

Jenny Adams

Accounting / Human Resources

Senior account managers

client on-boarding team

Sheree has been with District Publishing since 2008. Her key role is to on-board clients by demonstrating the benefits of our partnership marketing program and how it’s a win, win for both the client and their vendor partners. She also serves as a mentor to our Sales Coordinators and assists our leadership team with the management of the client on-boarding process. She is known to go above and beyond for both her clients and her peers when they seek her assistance. Sheree loves spending time with family (grandkids), friends, & meeting the needs of others. She also makes custom-decorated cookies in her spare time.

Sheree weddell

Senior Account Manager

Linda has been with District Publishing since 2008. She works with clients to understand their company’s marketing needs. Showing clients how we can save them time, money, and increase their sales with our Partnership Marketing Program is her primary focus. Her favorite thing to do is spend time with her family and her granddaughter.

linda bacon

Senior Account Manager

Shelly has been a part of our team since 2014. She identifies companies that can benefit from a new or revitalized sales/marketing piece. She works closely with those companies to share unique ways DP can provide customized print and digital media campaigns at no cost. Shelly is passionate about building long-term relationships with her client base and understanding their niche markets. She can be found most weekends enjoying the outdoors up north amongst family & friends, cooking, kayaking, and relaxing around campfires.

shelly byarski

Senior Account Manager

Katie joined the District Publishing team in 2013. She is always looking for new and different ways to set her clients apart from their competition and help increase their sales long-term. Katie takes pride in building and cultivating relationships with her clients that extend beyond the initial on-boarding process. She believes that one of the biggest compliments her clients have given is to refer their peers to her for the same exceptional service they received. Katie’s greatest joys are her husband and baby girl. She loves time spent with her family and friends especially during the summer months when she can take advantage of living on the water.

katie lackey

Senior Account Manager

sales coordinators

inside sales

Amanda joined our team in 2019. She enjoys the challenge of consulting and problem solving with companies all across North America, introducing them to our unique products and ultimately helping to grow their business. Amanda feels, “The best part of working at DP is the supportive owners and my awesome teammates.” She also enjoys spending time with her daughter Kiley and her family.

amanda ciavone

Sales Coordinator

Jessica has been with District Publishing since 2020. She is an ambitious go-getter who believes in our products and how beneficial they are to our clients. She is always eager to learn new things and loves to help others. She enjoys being part of such an upbeat and positive company that is genuinely passionate about helping other companies grow. She enjoys reading, crocheting, and spending time with family.

Jessica Guilliams

Sales Coordinator

Angela has been with District Publishing since 2019. She reaches out to companies to introduce them to our company and its products & services. Angela loves talking to people and hearing about how their business runs so she can understand the best way for them to utilize our products & services to enhance their sales. She enjoys reaching out to new people every day and working alongside her peers in a fun & energetic environment. When she is not at work she loves to read, spoils her animals with attention, and uses guided meditations to help her relax.

Angela serra

Sales Coordinator

Lisa joined District Publishing in 2019. She enjoys learning about the different industries that DP works with and hearing what each prospect's company does. She has an enthusiasm for our products and her positive attitude enables her to build a strong rapport with prospects. When she is not at work, she is a fur mom to dog Pebbles, loves meditation and karaoke for stress relief.

lisa d'onofrio

Sales Coordinator

account executives

advertising sales

Brad has been overseeing the Account Executive team since District Publishing started. He manages the day-to-day activities as it relates to all key client accounts, while also playing a key role in the growth and development of our sales & marketing process. Brad’s in-depth knowledge of the industries we serve and each division of our company, makes him an important link between the products and services offered by District Publishing and the continued focus on client satisfaction. He is a dedicated family man to his wife and two children and is an avid outdoorsman.

Brad Scott

Account Executive Supervisor

Bill Upleger is approaching 16 years of service, as he works directly with our client representatives to formulate the marketing plans and initiatives needed to guarantee success. Utilizing Partnership Marketing Bill works directly with supporting vendors to ensure all parties are maximizing their unique message, to help create a win/win situation with his clients and their partners. Bill loves spending his free time with his family camping, working on cars, volunteering as a mentor for the Dept. of Juvenile Justice, and sits as a President of his Home Owners Association.

Bill Upleger

Account Executive

Tom Stockman has been dazzling our clients since 2008. He enjoys working with clients and their vendor partners to create top-quality projects that will help grow their relationships and sales together for years to come. His positive “can do” problem-solving and relationship-building approach helps to ensure maximum, complete, and comprehensive project success for his clients and their vendors. Tom loves spending his free time with his family. His hobbies include music, traveling, and studying history.

Tom Stockman

Account Executive

Creative Services

Writing, Design, Proofreading.

Veronica has been with the District Publishing team since 2005 and designed the first brochure project with Derrick Kennedy. Since then, she has taken on the management of the Production team, coordinating photo shoots, organizing workflow, and working closely with printers to ensure our clients have the best-looking printed brochures possible. She also edits the videos and online flipbooks, as well as designing projects for clients and our own marketing needs. Besides loving most everything in the art and creative world, she loves her husband, spending time with family and friends, and is a huge Beatles fan.

veronica decker

Production Manager / Graphic Designer

Kurt has served as our enthusiastic and steadfast graphic designer/writer for District Publishing since 2005. He enjoys engaging with the diverse customer base we maintain and leveraging the unique qualities in each of them for a more effective marketing initiative. Besides striving to always "wow" our clients with an awesome design, his main goal is to provide an experience that keeps customers coming back. Kurt also is proud to serve as a Fire Chief for his community.

Kurt Nass

Graphic Designer / Writer

Lauren has been our outstanding proofreader for District Publishing since 2014. She carefully reviews all the projects that pass through Production and makes sure that everything looks and reads as professional as possible. She loves reading the dynamic and diverse stories of the clients we serve and playing a small role in their marketing and success. Lauren also loves to garden and enjoys the outdoors with her family.

Lauren Snyder


Clients Served